Woodruff Wood

It is a mixed species (broadleaved and coniferous) semi-natural woodland



It is marked on a pre-Ordnance Survey map of 1837


Woodruff (Galium odoratum) is an ancient woodland plant which carpets the ground in spring.

 It has been described as 'a plant of stars' - clusters of minute white flowers gleaming above a backdrop of bright green stars (or whorls of leaves)




It is home to a wide variety of species such as Red Squirrels, Roe Deer, many woodland birds, butterflies and plants.

Derelict Pheasant Rearing Pen

Recent history of the wood is that of rearing and shooting game.



However the woodland has been completely abandoned since the beginning of the millennium.

Old High Seat


It is currently unmanaged and overgrown and if left in this state will lead to a decline in wildlife and biodiversity.

Red Squirrel Feeder


A ten year woodland management plan (2015-2024) aims to bring Woodruff Wood into favourable management for maximum biodiversity and sustainability.


Woodruff Wood,Longhirst, Morpeth, Northumberland

'Passionate about wildlife & firewood'

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Learn more about our Red Squirrels - we love them!

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development


'Increasing Productivity of Woodruff Wood Woodfuel (Firewood)'

Woodruff Wood is grateful to have received funding for equipment and infrastructure to support us in the production of firewood

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