Grown in Britain works to create a sustainable future for our woodlands and forests in order to increase the supply of British timber destined for use by local people and businesses.


The opportunities and the benefits of Grown in Britain are on offer for woodland owners, for people, for the economy and for wildlife & the environment:


For Woodland Owners

Grown in Britain is working with woodland owners to address the issue of undermanged woodlands in this country. Support is being given to help owners grow, manage and harvest the wood that ends up in the products we all buy.


For People

Grown in Britain is actively increasing the amount of woodland created and managed which in turn benefits all of us in a number of ways. For example, the sustainable timber produced is converted into a vast array of materials and wood based products - from furniture to woodfuel. More woodland space is advantageous for our health too as nature's gym along with removing pollution from the air, providing us with oxygen and storing carbon.


For the Economy

Grown in Britain aims to reduce our reliance on imported wood in favour of home grown British timber. By doing so, economic activity and job creation in the forestry and other timber related sectors will rise.


For the Environment

Grown in Britain is helping to create a market-led demand for British timber. This in turn increases the amount of managed UK woodlands leading to a richer habitat for plant and animal species. Planting trees also increases the capacity for carbon storage whilst woodlands can help alleviate flooding.



Woodruff Wood & Grown in Britain


Woodruff Wood has been certified as meeting the requirements to hold a Grown in Britain Forest licence.


Our home grown timber and woodfuel products are branded Grown in Britain.

When purchasing Woodruff Wood products, you can be safe in the knowledge thay you are buying sustainable and legally produced wood, promoting local jobs, supporting the UK economy and enhancing the British landscape and biodiversity.


Thank you!

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Why not add some kindling & firelighters to your firewood order?


Our recommendations are:

Natural Kindling














A mix of hand-chopped hardwood sticks ready for popping onto your fire.


The sack is 65cm x 45cm and weighs approx. over 7kg


£6.50 a sack 

Flamers - Natural Firelighters









We tried these ourselves a while back and were very impressed!

Our log fire lit immediately with one of these odourless and clean bundles of wood shavings.


£3.50 a box of 24












Learn more about our Red Squirrels - we love them!

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development


'Increasing Productivity of Woodruff Wood Woodfuel (Firewood)'

Woodruff Wood is grateful to have received funding for equipment and infrastructure to support us in the production of firewood

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