If, like us, you are mad keen on your wildlife (or even if you just think you should do your small bit to help), why not make your garden even more wildlife friendly with one of our habitat log piles?


We will do the hard graft for you by lifting the logs into position and we can also help you choose the best location if needs be.


Frogs, toads, hedgehogs and other small mammals all use log piles as a safe refuge. Many species of mini-beasts (most which are beneficial to gardeners) shelter within  them whilst certain birds will visit looking for food.

As the logs gradually decay, this again is a highly valuable habitat for yet more species including fungi and mosses.

Standard Habitat Log Pile

Standard Habitat Log Pile


  • Hardwood log pile stacked in a pyramid
  • Logs from various broadleaved trees (to attract a wide range of species)
  • Approximately 16 - 18 logs per habitat pile
  • Size approximately 80cm x 60cm x 50cm
  • Price includes assembly


  • £60.00

Custom-built Habitat Log Piles


We offer:


  • Hardwood log piles
  • Logs from various broadleaved trees (to attract a wide range of species)
  • Number and size of logs vary dependant upon your requirements
  • Price includes assembly and advice regarding choice of location if required


  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements
  • Price to be arranged in advance of delivery.

Habitat Log Pile Tips


  • Log piles should be positioned in partial shade
  • Logs will retain moisture if positioned on or partly in soil
  • Logs can also be buried vertically to increase the number of visiting insects
  • Leave gaps inbetween the logs to create homes for mini-beasts
  • Gaps can be planted up with shade loving/woodland plants
  • Brash piles are equally as valuable as log piles



We deliver within five miles of Longhirst, Morpeth, Northumberland for all habitat log piles ordered whereby the following applies:


  • FREE DELIVERY for orders of £30.00+
  • Delivery charge of £6.00 for orders less than £30.00
  • No minimum order


For further information, please go to our delivery page:



TELEPHONE: 07525 841361 (9am - 6pm)


E-MAIL to: info@woodruffwood.co.uk





Payment options are as follows:

  • Bank transfer (we can provide our bank details on request)
  • Cash on delivery
  • Cheque
  • Telephone card payment


(Please note: we currently do not accept on-line payments. We prefer to confirm your order details in person or by telephone to ensure correct delivery and to provide a personal, friendly and helpful service)


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