Please see the photo gallery above for some of our July/August highlights.


In order of display:

Two young Red Squirrels

Large Emerald moth (photography by Jonathan Wallace)

Large Skipper butterfly on Hedge Woundwort

Common Toadlet

Red Campion along Main Ride

Map-winged Swift moth (photography by Jonathan Wallace)

Summer fruiting fungus


Common Darter dragonfly

Main Ride on a sunny afternoon


August News

High Summer


With high summer upon us, now is time to enjoy the season before it passes us by for another year all too soon. There really is something to be said about lazy, hazy days spent in the wood. Work slows down - it's simply too hot to be tearing around at full speed – and we wander along the paths and through the trees at a more relaxed pace, taking in the beauty of our surrounds. The woodland rides bathe in the sunshine, the leafy trees offer much welcome shade, the butterflies dilly-dally, the dragonflies bask on their perches, plants stand at full height and fungi appear after warm rainfall – all accompanied by a gentle hum of insects buzzing. We are incredibly lucky. These are halcyon days to be looked back on with great fondness!

Painted Lady on Bramble
Hazel on Brock's Ride
Common Darter

Red Squirrel Kits


We are fairly confident that Little Red, our female red squirrel has given birth to two sets of kits this year. What is absolutely thrilling is that the first brood of youngsters are now independent and roaming the wood. There are at least two juveniles – possibly more – visiting the squirrel feeder on a daily basis. Their small size, lack of ear tufts and not very bushy tails distinguish them from the adults. As with most siblings, they squabble with one another and when Little Red or Butch come along, they scamper off – the adults get priority at the feeder. They are adorable – super cute, super agile, fit as a fiddle and in stonking good condition! Take a look at them to see for yourselves:

Our two Red Squirrel juveniles
Learning how to reach the food!

Tiptoe Through The Toadlets!


Whilst carrying a ladder to prune a willow branch down Brock's Ride in the middle of last month, we came across hoards of tiny toadlets on the path. Thousands of them – all about the size of a 5p coin! At a standstill, but with no choice other than continuing, we tiptoed our way on, placing each foot slowly down after scrutinising the ground carefully beneath us. It was quite a feat not to trample on any! This is typical behaviour of baby toads - a mass emergence from a nearby pond, exploring land for the first time. They seem to prefer the shorter grasses of the woodland rides – fairly easy terrain for crawling over, good cover and presumably plenty of food. For the following couple of weeks, the paths have been alive and wriggling with movement as bit by bit, they are dispersing. Even now though, we are still having to tread carefully. It is quite a phenomenal sight to see – one of the wonders of our native, British wildlife! 

A tiny toadlet


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