Please see our photo gallery above for some of our July/August highlights.


In order of display:

Female Roe Deer in Scot's Pine Coupe

Wych Elm tree on edge of Main Ride

Rowan berries

Summer fungi - the warm and wet weather has resulted in many species of fungi popping up throughout the wood in July

Garden Tiger moth (photography by Jonathan Wallace)

Common Frog

Trees casting shade along Beech Path

Ash leaves bathed in sunlight

Red Admiral on Bramble

Lime Ride in the sunshine



August News

Summer Snapshots


Summer in Woodruff Wood is a delight when the sun is shining. Although the weather has been a bit mixed at times (we’ve definitely had our fair share of rain), there have still been plenty of opportunities to view the dappled light filtering through the trees, the glorious green leaves dazzling in full sun and the wildlife making the most of the warmer temperatures.


With so much going on, we’ve picked out some of our best summer snapshots for you to enjoy this month:

Lime Ride

Our woodland rides are at the very top of our summer highlights list. When the sun is shining, they are just magical. Enough said!

Sycamore leaves in the sun

One of the really great experiences of being in a wood on a sunny day is observing the mix of dazzling sunlit leaves and the shadows which they cast. It’s a simple thing but it has such a calming and uplifting effect!



Clearing Rhododendron

Our main task this summer is the removal of rhododendron which is choking the flora and preventing tree saplings from growing. Where cleared, sunlight now filters in and reaches the ground allowing seeds to germinate.



Red Admiral

Butterflies in the wood are already benefiting from our summer work. We are seeing them flit into newly sunlit patches previously filled with rhododendron and extending their range.



Common Frog

Frogs and toads are regularly spotted in August. We occasionally disturb the odd one which has tucked itself away under one of our firewood stacks. However, we have plenty of other log habitat piles where they can be safely relocated and which provide the perfect shady spot out of the warm sun.


Southern Hawker

Late summer is the main season for dragonflies in Woodruff Wood. These beautiful insects are a delight to watch but can be tricky to identify as they quickly whizz by. Patience is required and with a bit of luck they will eventually land and allow us a close-up view.



Roe Deer in the pine trees

Our recently thinned Scot’s Pine Coupe is proving to be a favourite hang-out spot for the Roe Deer. A female and her fawn are often glimpsed here in the early evening when we quietly stroll through the wood after work.



Wren sunbathing

It’s been great to see so many juvenile birds in Woodruff Wood over the last few months. They can often be spotted going about their daily activities such as this young wren which is sunbathing in order to keep its feathers in good condition.



Rowan berries

Berries are more often than not considered to be autumnal in nature. Rowan berries however, are amongst the first to ripen and these large clusters of fruit are now fully red and at their best.




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