Please see our photo gallery above for some of our December/January highlights


In order of display:

Our black-tailed Red Squirrel


Knocking posts in for a new pole barn

One of our new pole barns completed

Norway Spruce needles


A skein of Pink-footed Geese flying next to Woodruff Wood

Leaf blowing along Main Ride

Fungi growing on a dead birch branch

Great Spotted Woodpecker


January News

Happy New Year!

 We wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2017 and hope that the year brings you good fortune and everything that you wish for. We also hope that you get the chance to enjoy the simple pleasures of life which bring a smile to your face.


At Woodruff Wood our main aim for 2017 is to remove all invasive Rhododendrons present in the wood which are smothering the ground flora and preventing young trees from growing. As we’ve mentioned in previous Woodruff Wood News, we made a start with Rhododendron bashing in 2016 but we’ve still got a long way to go!

We are also already looking forward to spring arriving, bringing with it lengthening days and the anticipation of flowers and insects emerging which fill the wood with life.

These are the things which will bring a smile to our faces!

Woodruff Wood Work

Our new pole barn

December saw contractors returning to the wood in order to erect two simple pole barns on our hard-standings off Main Ride. One of them is pictured in the photo gallery at the top of the page – we are really pleased with the result. Although they are nothing too grand or fancy, they are solid structures which will make a huge difference to us by providing undercover storage facilities along with a place to shelter and work in bad weather. These barns are the final part of our Countryside Productivity Grant which we were awarded at the beginning of 2016 in order to enable us to harvest and extract woodfuel (and in doing so help manage the wood for wildlife). It is a huge relief to have completed this work before our deadline as otherwise we would fail to receive our grant payment!

Leaf Blowing


In-between chopping logs for firewood, we’ve also blown all the soggy leaves off our new track along Main Ride which fell throughout autumn. We probably should have done this job sooner but getting the worst of the leaves off now will at least help maintain the track in good order.

Wildlife News


Our Black-tailed Red Squirrel

Approaching feeder
Helping himself to a peanut

We currently have a daily visitor to our squirrel feeder – an adorable black-tailed Red Squirrel. Our wildlife camera regularly picks up images of him nipping in to grab a peanut-in-shell before quickly scarpering up the trunk to eat it out of view in the branches of the Pine tree. Our video clips have sound and we can hear him munching on the nuts after he disappears off screen so he can’t be far away! In one image he obviously spots something which bothers him prior to grabbing a nut and he freezes motionless on the feeder perch for ages. Take a look at our YouTube clip below – what the danger was and whether he managed to get a peanut or not remains a mystery:

A Winter’s Afternoon in the Wood


We’re spending a lot of afternoons working in the wood at present where we are surrounded by the sights and sounds of many different types of birdlife.

On arrival, Jays call out and fly off into the depths of the wood, alarmed by our presence. Blackbirds, Wrens and Robins call and make ticking noises as they go about their daily foraging whilst male Great Spotted Woodpeckers have already started drumming on tree trunks to attract females (a sign that the breeding season isn’t that far away)!

At around 3.30pm every day, our resident Tawny Owl wakes up and gives a hoot preparing for the night ahead – we’ve never seen him yet, but he always calls from high up in his favourite tree. As the light closes in we are treated to the sight and sound of Pink-footed Geese calling as they fly over Woodruff Wood en route to roost at Druridge Bay for the night after a day spent foraging on the surrounding fields. And finally, as we are packing up at dusk getting ready to depart, the wood is filled with the mass arrival of Jackdaws and Rooks squawking noisily as they fly into the tree tops to roost. Although the wood is a very peaceful place to spend time throughout the day, it is far from quiet as night time approaches!


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