Please see the photo gallery above for some of our December/January highlights.


In order of display:

Brock's Barn in the snow

Robins competing for food

Scot's Pine Coupe

Roe Deer

Mottled Umber Moth (photography by Jonathan Wallace)

Brock's Ride

Male Hazel catkins developing

Close-up of snow covered branch

Bramble leaves

Close-up of a frosted fern leaf


January News

A Winter Wonderland!


Welcome to a brand new year at Woodruff Wood! Although 2018 is upon us, we would like to take a moment to share with you some lovely snowy scenes which rounded off 2017 in a rather special way. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Lime Ride

We’d had a tiny smattering of snow at the start of December which barely covered the ground but the end of the month saw a more substantial volume fall which was plentiful enough to coat all the surrounds. This was our first experience of ‘proper’ snow since we began caring for the wood back in 2014 and we were greeted by the most magical sight of a Woodruff Wonderland!

Main Ride

As we arrived whilst it was still snowing, we were lucky enough to witness the woodland rides in pristine condition – untouched by footprints or animal tracks. The trees were equally beautiful with the bare branches coated with a thick layer of fresh snow.

Walking along Main Ride

We did however, lay our own footprints down as we wandered slowly along Main Ride enjoying this most wonderful sight. Isn’t it is one of life’s great pleasures to be walking in the snow whilst wrapped up warm?!


Alas, these scenes did not last for long – 48 hours later and the snow was all gone. Perhaps though, that is one of the reasons why it felt so special? A brief but most memorable moment of our time at Woodruff Wood.

How our Robins are Coping this Winter

Robin feeding on fat balls
Robins waiting for crumbs underneath the feeder

The cold, harsh weather makes for difficult times for our wildlife as it becomes a daily struggle to survive. Woodruff Wood is filled with robins and we can definitely observe changes in their behaviour as the temperature falls. Robins are very territorial and sing throughout winter in order to mark out their own patch and warn others to steer clear. Every patch of woodland we work in has its own robin which makes regular appearances singing and grubbing about in the undergrowth for tasty titbits. They don’t tend to visit our bird feeder.


However, when the ground freezes, the robins change tactics. Birdsong no longer rings out in the wood as this is a waste of vital energy. All time is now devoted to finding food and water. These solitary birds now reluctantly become more gregarious as they congregate together where food is available. Numerous individuals gather around our bird feeder where they take it in turns to cling on and peck at the fat balls. Others gather on the ground underneath the feeder waiting for crumbs to fall down. There is always tension amongst the robins as they scrap with one another for the food but when times are tough, they have to adapt in order to survive.

Mottled Umber (Photography by Jonathan Wallace)


P.S. Not every night has been freezing. Our moth expert Jonathan squeezed in one final session on a mild evening in late December and was staggered to catch an incredible 101 individuals including 79 mottled umbers!


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