Please see the photo gallery above for some of our September/October highlights.


In order of display:

Fly Agaric toadstool

Ash leaves changing colour

A misty Lime Ride

Comma resting on a blackberry

Hawthorn leaves and berries

Glistening Inkcaps

Dog Rose hips

A stalked acorn on an English Oak

A selection of fallen Beech leaves

Female Common Darter


October News

Woodruff Wood Work


It will come as no surprise to regular readers that last month was dominated by rhododendron bashing. It really is a tangled mass in places, requiring our utmost patience to slowly fight our way through it, removing sections piece by piece. However, the difference in appearance of an area before and after rhododendron has been present never ceases to amaze us. Trees which had been completely smothered and hidden from view are revealed and allowed to stand free from competition.


Take a look at one recently cleared patch in the images below:

A patch of Rhododendron prior to clearing

The same patch after the Rhododendron has been cleared

Wildlife News


It’s an Autumnal Delight in the Wood


Right now, there is just so much to see in Woodruff Wood. Whether it’s stopping for a moment to look at the landscape view whilst walking along the rides or taking the time to closely examine individual leaves, berries and fungi, we can’t help but be transfixed by the detail, structure, beauty and feel of autumn.

A misty Lime Ride

Lime Ride always looks stunning when the sun is shining and all the more so at this time of year when the leaves delicately float down to the ground. On the opposite hand, it takes on a somewhat different feel after a spell of rainfall. We were there recently to see the sunlight struggling to break through a heavy mist and this gave rise to a really magical atmosphere. It’s not just the view but the feel of the wood that’s worth savouring.

Ash leaves

Beech leaves

You have to mention the leaves turning colour when talking about woodlands and autumn. If we have to choose our favourites then ash and beech currently come top of the list. We just love the ash tree tops with their uniform ‘lemony’ leaves whilst the beech leaves are rich in a variety of warm colours. Picking up a selection of individual beech leaves from the forest floor reveals their beauty close up.

Fly Agaric

The instantly recognisable red and white fly agaric toadstool is strongly associated with birch trees (of which we have plenty). However, up until last week we hadn’t discovered any in Woodruff Wood when unexpectedly three specimens were uncovered whilst clearing a sprawling patch of rhododendron. Unfortunately though, our joy was short-lived as within 48 hours of finding these hidden gems, they were gone. Although poisonous to humans, our best guess is that they were consumed by roe deer in the night.

Dog Rose hips


The vibrant, rich red colour of a fully ripened rose hip takes some beating! Birds such as thrushes will welcome hips as a source of food but until they are consumed, these red jewels are adding to the vibrancy of the wood throughout October.

When the sun has been shining recently (which has been limited!), late season butterflies have been feasting on blackberries. We have been stopped in our tracks on a number of occasions to watch red admirals, commas and speckled woods flitting around a patch of brambles. Blackberries are a really valuable source of food for butterflies at a time of year when not much else is available.


Enjoy their beauty in these snapshots below:

Red Admiral






Speckled Wood




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