Please see our photo gallery above for some of our August/September highlights.


In order of display:

Peacock on thistles

Oak leaves changing colour

Lime Ride - leaves now littering the ground!

Red Squirrel

Honeysuckle berries after rain

Juvenile Wren (note the yellow edging still on its bill)

Summer fruiting fungi

Angelica in flower

Speckled Wood

Amethyst Deceiver - a purple fungi found throughout the wood in August


September News

Woodruff Wood Work

Rhododendron clearance off Lime Ride

Rhododendron bashing continues to take priority with our time sheet showing us to have collectively spent 225 hours on its removal throughout August. We are gradually clearing gaps in the understorey which we will be monitoring with great interest over the coming years to see what comes up from the existing seed bank.  Patches which were cleared of this invasive shrub last year are already showing signs of life with many tree and plant seedlings popping up on the bare ground.


However, it is documented that rhododendron releases a chemical into the soil which inhibits the growth of other plant life for up to seven to ten years after its removal. Whether this will have an impact at Woodruff Wood remains to be seen.

Wildlife News


Red Squirrels


Although we pick up the occasional image of a red squirrel on our wildlife camera, it’s been ages since we’ve actually seen one. They are sadly few and far between thanks to two outbreaks of the deadly squirrel pox passed on by the greys over the last three years.

However, we have some really great news to report! We unexpectedly chanced upon a red squirrel out foraging one afternoon recently. Upon seeing us, she scampered up a nearby spruce tree and paused to watch us, watching her. She appeared to be in good health – she was active, energetic and her red coat looked to be in fine condition. But can you notice one thing that she was missing was the photo below?

Answer: her ear tufts are missing! She is still in the summer moult and has yet to grow them back. Now that autumn is approaching, the tufts should grow back soon.


The best news though, is that we are pretty confident that she is a breeding female who is currently suckling young. Is it too much to hope for that a brood of red kittens may be about to venture out into Woodruff Wood…..?


Please remember, if you sight either a red or grey squirrel in the Morpeth area, report it to Morpeth & District Red Squirrels on 07570 897979 or email

Autumn’s Merger with Summer

Fallen Lime fruits

We are at a crossover of seasons. Everywhere we look within Woodruff Wood there are signs of summer giving way to autumn. Leaves have already begun to fall in earnest throughout the wood. A crisp scattering lines the rides giving them an added depth of colour with splashes of yellows, oranges and browns mixed in amongst the remaining summer greens. The fruits of the lime trees whirl down to the ground from up above whilst the oak leaves turn colour on a daily basis.

Juvenile Wren


Juvenile wrens (still with a yellow trim on their bills) are in abundance flitting in and out of the log piles in search of insects. This yellow edging will fade away as autumn advances.

Peacock on Thistles

Late season butterflies continue to be on the wing throughout September. A number of peacocks have been out and about recently which is good news as they were few and far between at the start of summer. Speckled woods too, have a late surge in numbers, often basking in the warm sunshine.

Summer fruiting fungi

Fungi seem to be a bit topsy turvy in their appearance this year. Usually regarded as an autumnal speciality, many mushrooms have in fact been in fruit throughout July and August thanks to the warm, wet weather. Most of these have now died back and so it remains to be seen whether there will be a second crop about to pop up.

Angelica in flower

Finally, the flowering season is drawing to a close with angelica being one of the last to bloom. This tall umbellifer towers above the other plant life along the ride edges making it an easy target for feeding hoverflies. It too though, is now setting seed as the nights draw in.


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