Please see the photo gallery above for some of our March/April highlights.


In order of display:

Comma butterfly

Lesser Celandine

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Oak Beauty moth (photography by Jonathan Wallace)

Dog's Mercury


Hawthorn coming into leaf

Marsh Marigold

Scots Pine Coupe



April News



We make no apologies in the fact that we talk about primroses most years. For us, in the wood, they mark spring. Our harbinger. The season we most look forward to - primroses light the way. From the first to flower (this year on 21st February), they provide us with hope and anticipation of what is to come. They are the start of long days, warmth and sunshine, carpets of woodland flowers and the fresh greens of trees coming into leaf.

Primroses down Brock's Ride

 Now, in April, they are at their best. They line Brock's Ride with their soft yellows and dark green leaves. It is a delight to walk down here every day. One of our very best native English woodland flowers. How lucky are we to have it in the wood?


We will enjoy every moment of this all too short a season!

Wildlife Scallop


Our latest project is nearing completion – at least for the time being. We have created a new wildlife scallop along Main Ride. It is slightly offset to the one we made a couple of years ago and on the opposite side of the ride. As the sun swings around during the day, the light will flood into both of  them benefiting plants, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies and a whole host of other animals. We've felled some of the taller trees which were blocking the light and next winter we hope to fill some of the gaps with lots more shrubs. Over time, as these shrubs mature, the scallops should get better and better.

Our newly created wildlife scallop

Bird Life in the Wood


It's a busy time for the birds. On certain days, the wood feels like an airport terminal – spring migrants landing in the arrivals lounge (chiffchaffs from as far away as Africa being the first) and winter visitors taking off from the departures lounge (fieldfares heading determinedly north east to Scandinavia).


For those birds setting up residence for the summer, it's all go. Feeding, singing, courting, nesting – a hectic time to say the least!


We watched a pair of blue tits playing tit for tat searching for food. Flitting in and out of the pole barn, down to the ground turning over splinters of wood, back up to hang off the wooden beams, down again onto some logs – all the while pecking at the different types of wood searching for insects. They repeated this process over and over again – no doubt a rich source of food.

Blue Tit hanging off pole barn

The male great spotted woodpecker near to where we are working has starting drumming. This well loved trait of hitting a tree (or another object) with its bill is in fact the equivalent of a song. He drums to attract a female during the breeding season. As he is experienced, he is being rather laid back, doing the bare minimum to get by. In previous years, his youthful exuberance resulted in far more enthusiastic drumming, but this year it seems that he has everything under control and there is no need to exert energy unnecessarily!

Male Great Spotted Woodpecker

Other birds are busy too. We witnessed two treecreepers having a mid air set to with one another – never seen this behaviour before; nuthatches are calling incessantly throughout the wood and bird song is ringing out from the start to the finish of the day.



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