Please see the photo gallery above for some of our July/August highlights.


In order of display:

Hogweed in flower

Small White butterfly

Bumblebee feeding on Hedge Woundwort

Junction of Main Ride and Lime Ride

Rowan leaves and berries

Hedge Woundwort in the evening sunlight

Large Skipper butterfly

Southern Hawker dragonfly

Woodland improvement work

Common Red Solider Beetle on grass


August News

Woodland Improvement Work


We are currently part way through a five year woodland improvement Countryside Stewardship agreement. This agreement is tailored to the needs of our wood and requires us to carry out set work which grouped together are known as ‘prescriptions’. These include:

  • Create and manage permanent open space
  • Create and manage access rides
  • Create and maintain dead wood habitat
  • Thin or selective fell trees
  • Remove non-native invasive rhododendron

To see how this works in practise, it is always helpful to look at a photo. Below is a section of woodland merging into Lime Ride where all of the above prescriptions have been put into action:

The tree stumps show where we’ve thinned out the trees in order to widen Lime Ride. This widening of the ride creates more open space to allow in sunlight and encourage flora and fauna to take up occupancy. We’ve also built lots of log habitat piles which will slowly rot away over the years whilst dead wood is left standing (unless it poses a health and safety risk) in order to encourage the specialised needs of many insects, bats and birds. The bare patches you can see were covered with thick rhododendron this time last year, smothering all of the ground vegetation. It is hoped that over time, these bare patches will be colonised by plants and tree saplings to help prolong the life of the wood.


Little by little, bit by bit, we are making changes which we hope are improving Woodruff Wood for the better.

The Summer of 2018

Butterfly watching in the sunshine

It’s certainly been a long, hot summer in the wood.

The plus side is that we've really enjoyed carrying out our weekly butterfly surveys, the wood looks fantastic with all the sunlight filtering through it and we've no longer been slipping and sliding around in the usual mud.


The down side is that the mosquitoes and horseflies have been feasting on us as we drip with sweat whilst wearing protective gear to chainsaw and chop logs. The ditches, seasonal pond and bomb holes have all dried up meaning that the wildlife must be struggling to find water and the trees too must be parched and in need of a drink. It's easy to forget that plant life as well as animal life gets stressed during drought conditions.


As for us, we had a change of plan – no heavy duty work during hot spells! An executive decision was made to spend time enjoying the wood more during this spell of glorious weather, whilst carrying out some of the smaller bits and bobs which keep getting put off for bigger jobs.



It has been a summer of fluttery loveliness in the wood this year! The prolonged warm and dry weather has been welcomed by many of our butterflies, as record numbers have been out flying along the woodland rides. We've counted more small whites, speckled woods, ringlets and meadow browns than in previous years and our rare white-letter hairstreaks have put on their best show to date. They've been an absolute joy to watch and really have been the highlight of summer in the wood.


Here's our pick of the bunch:

Large Skipper basking on his favourite Bramble leaf

Large Skippers


This male large skipper became a reassuring presence of summer for us last month. Just as we have our favourite places to relax in, so did this chap. He was regularly found basking in the sun on the same bramble leaf.

Ringlet at roost



Ringlets are still quite a new species for us as they are not found in the part of Lancashire where we lived for many years. We remember the delight at seeing our first one in the wood. Now they are everywhere and tend to mix with the meadow browns along the ride edges.

Meadow Brown feeding on Brambles

Meadow Browns


A summer full of meadow browns is a guaranteed good summer! To see large numbers flitting in and out of the long grasses on a hot sunny day reminds us of summers gone by and adds to our memories for future times.

Summer, sunshine and butterflies. They go hand in hand. Life at it's best!


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