Please see the photo gallery above for some of our December/January highlights.


In order of display:

Scots Pine and Holly trees

Blue Tit

Scots Pine tops bathed in sunlight

Close up of Silver Birch bark

Male and female pheasant feeding

Delimbing a Sycamore tree

Dead Moll's Finger - a type of fungus

Bare branches against the sky

Mottled Umber moth (photography by Jonathan Wallace)

Sunset over Lime Ride


January News

A Winter Woodland


Before putting pen to paper each month, we always look back at our recent photographs as these tend to reflect the seasonality of the wood. Now that winter is upon us, the number of photographs taken fall in number as days are short and many aspects of nature lie dormant – all tends to be quiet from an initial glimpse.

Yet our images, whilst not being full of bright colours, do show that there is still a beauty to be had in an English woodland at this time of year when from the outside, things may look a little dreary. We hope you enjoy this pictorial tour:

Stripped Back

The cloudy, blue sky acts as a backdrop to the bare branches

The bare structure and form of each tree is on show now that the leaves are no longer present. Each is different from the next. The sky becomes the backdrop to their silhouettes which on occasions can look stunning.

Close up of Birch bark

In addition, the bark becomes much more prominent - and none more so than that of the silver birches which weave throughout the wood.

The Golden Winter Sunshine


The beautiful warm, golden sunshine experienced at this time of year lifts our mood every time without fail. It is, quite simply, an absolute joy:

Sun setting on Lime Ride

Late afternoon sunshine filtering through the trees - just lovely!

Scots Pine tops bathed in sunlight

It is impossible not to appreciate the warm colours of the sun lighting up the needles on the scots pine trees.

Grasses covered with water droplets

And equally dazzling is the way in which the water droplets covering the damp vegetation glisten and shine ...  

Woodland Life


To say that all is quiet in the wood at this time of year would be far from true. Bird life is at its best right now thanks to numbers being boosted by winter arrivals from the continent, parties of tits gathering to forage for food together and the lack of leaves making it easier to spot their activities.

Blue Tit

So while it may be a bit muddy and damp at times, it's always worth the effort to get outdoors and enjoy nature. We hope you get the chance to visit your local patch this new year.

Just One Last Thing...


Is this a sign that we've been watching too many films over the festive period? A recently coppiced twin-stemmed sycamore tree seems to resemble our favourite 1980's extra terrestrial alien!


A Very Happy New Year to you all!



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